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Job Application Challenge

University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association (GSA) presents the Job Application Challenge, a guided simulation that mirrors the complete job application journey. It provides tools to create a standout CV and cover letter for the jobs you want to target when you leave university, with personalised video feedback on your CV and cover letter.

How it works

1. Choose your job title

You’ll have a variety of job opportunities to explore and “apply” for. If none of these align with your preferences, simply choose ‘Other.’ It’s important to note that while these positions aren’t real, our application process provides a realistic experience.

2. Prepare CV + Cover Letter

2. You will receive your information pack email that includes:
– Online CV Writing course 
– Online Personal Value Proposition course 
– Specialist CV Template (for target job title)
– Link to target job title mock job ad.
– Instructional video and guide on how to prepare job application.

3. Submit application by 30-Nov


Cover letter

4. Receive feedback

8-10 minute personalised video recording job application suitability, with improvement suggestions.


  • End-to-end job application process administered by career development coaches 

  • 8-10 minute personalised video recording on each applicant’s CV and cover letter suitability, with improvement suggestions.

  • Specialist CV Template for the student’s target job title.

  • Online CV Writing course worth $299 (21 lessons, 7 videos and 5 activity milestones).

  • Online Personal Value Proposition course worth $299.

  • Cover letter template with cover letter writing instructions.

  • Instructional video and guide on how to understand and respond to job ads.

Learning outcomes

  • Read and understand job ads and selection criteria

  • Apply for jobs successfully

  • Prepare a CV that gets past ATS and wins interviews

  • Write standout cover letters and selection criteria

  • Understand how recruiters assess job applications

Key dates

  • Monday, October 2nd - Registrations open 

  • Monday, 13th November - Applicants receive their information pack via email

  • Thursday, 30th November - Last date for applicants to apply for the job they wish to target. 

  • Friday, 15th December 2023 - Applicants receive personalised video feedback on their application. 

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